Leaving Something I Love To Do What I Must

March 23, 2022

Have you ever come to a point when a difficult choice becomes the only choice, and so the choice is made?

I have had the profound privilege of working with fabulous colleagues and some of the nicest, most driven and intelligent customers from many of the largest and most admired corporates in the world at NeuGroup, an innovative membership company in New York City. It has been a joy to collaborate and build enduring relationships with these peer group members, as well as with the top banking and enterprise software professionals who also serve them, and that we are proud to call partners.

I joined NeuGroup in the early peer group days and have helped shepherd its growth and various adaptations over the years. In my current role as peer group leader, I co-create forums for creative, granular and confidential exchanges on challenges and solutions in corporate treasury and finance with NeuGroup members. These forums enable professionals across companies to share learnings, many times well beyond "best practices." 

And I have loved it. For the equivalent of just over four US presidential terms. And yet…

I am leaving NeuGroup, my employer of 16 years, to join and help build AwakeTeams. This exciting technology startup in the San Francisco Bay Area was founded by Laura Wells who is my friend going all the way back to our graduate school days.

Why? Well, for the last several years, a constant topic of concern for NeuGroup members has been everything talent: hiring, developing, motivating, and setting people up for great careers—preferably while retaining them in their organizations. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, maintaining morale and productivity in a remote work environment while also facing black swan level uncertainty elevated these concerns. What followed was the summer of 2020 which brought heightened visibility and sensitivity to diversity and inclusion objectives. Oh, and not to mention the Great Resignation. 

Going into 2022 NeuGroup's own survey about senior finance and treasury leaders' priorities—naturally reflecting those of their companies—and my own conversations, show that talent diversity, skills development, and team effectiveness are at the top of the list of enterprise-wide imperatives, along with digital transformation and embedding adaptable business strategies that drive growth and profitability through uncertain times. 

All of this makes clear that AwakeTeams is offering a solution whose time is right. It focuses on all the things that I hear my soon-to-be former members talk about and seek answers to—in an approach that focuses on teams, not just individuals, and that is data driven, science backed and provides measurable results. 

With a product already in market at early adopter Fortune 100 companies, what a great time to help realize the great potential of the AwakeTeams vision to help people and teams function better at work.

And I was invited to contribute to this company's growth!

My choice went from being a choice to an imperative. Cheered on by my family, friends, former colleagues, and my new business partner, and hopefully many more, I take on the challenge of growing sales and raising investor funds to help take this high potential company to the next level. NeuGroup grew phenomenally during my tenure and my job entailed crucial aspects of sales and relationship building in an environment that required an entrepreneurial mindset and a lot of digging in with limited resources. I look forward to leveraging many of the skills, experiences, and relationships I built in my position at NeuGroup to reach our ambitious goals here at AwakeTeams.

I can't wait to get started! My first outing under the AwakeTeams banner is at the ASU+GSV annual summit in San Diego in early April, where the company has been selected as one of the GSV Cup Elite 200 “world’s most innovative EdTech startups”. What an exciting time and place to start! I hope to meet many AwakeTeams fans, followers, future customers, and investors there. 

I would love to connect so I can tell you more; feel free to reach out and contact me here: anne@awaketeams.com.

How are you looking to elevate your team?

  • Strengthen team trust, cohesion, belonging, collaboration?
  • Kick-start cross-functional team collaboration with a structured tool?
  • Give an  "Olympic edge" to an already high performing team?

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