The AwakeTeams Program

You and your team get onboarded! The program then kicks off with the first team session. You learn about the research-backed approach and curriculum and immediately start practicing the AwakeTeams behaviors with each other.
After each monthly team session, you and your colleagues reflect on your team's progress. You assess yourself and your teammates across the targeted skills for that 3-month module.
Based on our peer feedback algorithm, you receive weekly personalized learning bites, including video micro modules and on-the-job exercises to practice effective interpersonal skills.
You regularly meet with your assigned buddy, reflect on your progress and test out the new skills with each other.
After a few weeks, your personal analytics dashboard clearly shows evidence of your progress. You and your teammates are learning how to show up fully at work. Moreover, the team and its culture have become more trusting, engaging, and effective!

Engage Teams!

Embark on the learning journey with AwakeTeams.

AwakeTeams is built based on memory research and social learning theory. The program integrates bite-sized and tailored individual micro modules, interactive team sessions and weekly practices that reinforce learning. Peer feedback  keeps learning constant and dynamic over time.