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AwakeTeams is a team development platform that uses a proprietary peer-feedback algorithm to drive employee engagement, belonging, retention, and profitability.

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About AwakeTeams

A team takes a three-, six-, or nine-month learning journey that includes team training and  practice sessions, tailored individual micro-modules, and ongoing peer feedback.

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Developing Soft Skills

Team sessions and peer-feedback-tailored micro modules develop skills for trust-building, effective communication, and productive collaboration.



How to show up fully, create connection, become more self-aware, and welcome all voices.


Practice embodied and clear expression, mindful listening, giving & receiving caring, candid feedback.


Learn tools to stay present, move the team forward, leverage strengths of teammates, and navigate conflict.

Three Program Tiers

Choose how you would like to use AwakeTeams. From off the shelf, virtual training to bespoke 1:1 training, we have you covered.


Off-the-shelf programming makes the team accountable for the learning journey.  We track progress together.



Live virtual training from an expert facilitator pushes the needle on team training and practice sessions.

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Live virtual training from an expert facilitator + custom-built training modules for your specific needs.  


AwakeTeams fills an important gap through its team-based learning approach.

“I don’t know any broad-based training that takes measurement of a whole team, gives periodic feedback, and gives the modules to course-correct based on the feedback.”

Nancy Closs
VP Head of Financial Operations, New York Life Insurance.

Why AwakeTeams?


Team Learning Journey

Team learning increases program engagement, reveals individual blind spots, and enhances creativity and innovation.

Increased Employee Engagement

The program measurably improves key engagement behaviors, thereby also boosting wellbeing and performance.

Measured Improvements

Ongoing feedback tracks progress, enables tailoring, and ensures the needle moves on key behaviors and team performance.

Individual Development of Growth Edges

Micro modules are assigned to each teammate based on peer feedback in-between team sessions.


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Engage Teams!

Embark on the learning journey with AwakeTeams.

Based on memory research and social learning theory, AwakeTeams integrates bite-sized and tailored individual micro modules, team training modules and practices that reinforce, and peer feedback that keeps learning constant and dynamic over time.