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Elisa Torres, MS

Content Curator

Elisa is a PhD candidate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at George Mason University. Elisa is studying how teams and networked collections of teams develop trust and collective efficacy. She is also studying and developing leadership and team-based interventions that cultivate effective and engaged teams and multiteam systems.

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Ravi Subramaniam, PhD


Ravi is a Distinguished Technologist at HP Inc where he leads and develops new concepts for future (3+ years) products and services. His current focus is on Machine Learning (models, SW infrastructure and SW/HW architectures) for efficient deployment for inference and training at the edge and on PC, IOT and device ecosystems.

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Laura Isela Hazlett, MA


Laura is a PhD student in the Social and Affective Neuroscience Lab at UCLA. She studies how positive social emotions affect our brains and bodies. Laura seeks to understand why these emotions, such as gratitude and social warmth, have such a powerful effect on our health. She is also interested in studying and developing interventions that help cultivate these emotions.

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Paul van der Laken, PhD


Paul attained his PhD in people analytics, on the application, usage and deployment of statistical and algorithmic techniques in the Human Resources domain. Since then, he has been managing innovation and data analytics teams and projects at multinational companies. Paul also teaches professionals in effective data science deployment at various universities and on e-learning platforms.

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Luigi Maria Fierro, MBA


Luigi, Head of ING HR Strategy and People Analytics, leads the HR strategic agenda globally. As Head of Performance Management space, he redesigned the Group’s new performance management framework and ensured its full implementation for 55,000 employees. Prior to joining ING, Luigi worked for 10 years at McKinsey & Co.

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René Janssen, MSc


René is Founder and Managing Director of Lepaya, an on-demand learning platform for corporations and individuals. Lepaya is based in Amsterdam, serves clients across Western Europe, and has grown rapidly since inception. Prior to this, he was Deputy Chief People Officer at Lazada, a Rocket Internet-founded business acquired by Alibaba.

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Laura C. Wells, MBA

Founder & CEO

Laura brings together 15 years of consumer-packaged goods brand development, cross-functional and cross-border project management, six years of nonprofit leadership, and a longtime meditation practice to affect positive change in the business world. Positive change in the human and environmental impact of organizations as well as the development of human potential within organizations.

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