Our program is designed to sustainably develop the skills teams need to stay engaged and productive in today’s workplace.


Teams of 4-10 go on a learning journey together in a series of online, 3-month modules.

1. Trust-Building

Individuals and teams learn how to show up fully, create connection, become more self-aware, and welcome all voices.

2. Communication

Team members practice clear expression, mindful listening, and giving and receiving caring, candid feedback with each other.

3. Collaboration

Teams get equipped with tools to align, move forward, leverage individual team member strengths, and navigate conflict.

Results in just one module!

AwakeTeams improves team cohesion and performance in just one 3-month module.

How It Works

Sustainable Skills Acquisition

AwakeTeams includes all steps of sustainable skills acquisition to ensure learning sticks.

  • Target specific skills for trust-building, communication, and collaboration that are proven to drive engagement.
  • Practice skills with interactive team sessions and buddy meetings.
  • Reinforce learning with ongoing bite-sized learning and peer accountability.
  • Measure progress through our proprietary peer feedback algorithm and monthly progress reports.

Why AwakeTeams?

The Power of Team Learning

Thanks to team accountability, we have a 100% completion rate. Team learning also reveals blind spots and bolsters innovation.

Targeted Skills Proven to Increase Engagement

Teams experience +10% engagement and +15% performance in just one quarter, which also boosts overall wellbeing.

AI Measured Improvement and Tailored Learning

Our peer feedback algorithm generates monthly progress reports and personalizes the learning experience for team members.

Individual Development of Growth Edges

Each team member receives the bite-sized learning they need the most in between monthly team sessions.