About Me

Laura has trained leaders in emotional intelligence at organizations including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Kaiser Permanente. She also led Marketing and Communications at the nonprofit Brain & Behavior Research Foundation where she learned about neuroplasticity and the human potential for positive behavior change. Prior to that she worked internationally in Fortune 100 CPG companies as a brand manager.  


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Emotional Intelligence




AwakeTeams Selected to the GSV Cup Elite 200

Recognized as one of the world’s most innovative early stage EdTech startups

Startup Ethos

Embracing Innovation

How adaptability drives innovation and what we can do to cultivate that personally and organizationally

EQ Impact

Is Trust Meaningful in Organizational Life?

How trust can create the foundation for productive collaboration

Fundamental EQ Skills

Why We Need Each Other to Learn

And why I’m launching AwakeTeams, a team-based learning platform.

Team Learning

Engage Teams!

Embark on the learning journey with AwakeTeams.

AwakeTeams is built based on memory research and social learning theory. The program integrates bite-sized and tailored individual micro modules, interactive team sessions and weekly practices that reinforce learning. Peer feedback  keeps learning constant and dynamic over time.